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The Birkenstock brand has become well-known for making sandals and shoes designed for comfort and durability. Everyone has preferences when choosing shoes, and of course, that includes sandals. Some may prefer straps while others prefer thong style sandals. And everyone can agree that comfort is practically essential.

One universal feature of Birkenstocks is that they’re all designed in a way that’s meant to offer as much comfort and stability as possible, which may make them a smart option while browsing for sandals.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of Birkenstocks to choose from, and each has specific qualities that might make them good choices.

The sandals have a slight slope to help improve posture. The fibers in the shoe are designed to prevent moisture while keeping the strength of the shoe intact. The sandal’s footbed is also lined with soft suede. If you enjoy the look of flip flops but prefer a shoe that’ll prevent pain, these sandals may be right for you.

These sandals have a similar look to flip-flop sandals, featuring a simple thong strap. The strap consists of oiled leather which will form a slight patina effect as the shoe is worn over time.

Like the Gizeh thong sandal, the strap material of these sandals contains oils that will keep the shoes looking great over time. Featuring a loop around the toe and two buckled straps, these sandals will be easy to adjust to fit your foot perfectly.

The additional strap is ideal for keeping the shoe securely on your foot while you walk. If you like sandals that you can adjust, these buckled sandals may be a good option.

These sandals are well suited for anyone in search of bright and durable sandals. The fluorescent color stands out, and they offer the same comfort of classic Birkenstock sandals.

The shoe features two straps with adjustable white buckles, so you can change them to fit perfectly. The EVA outsole adds extra traction while walking, and the straps are made with comfortable patent material.

These have a slightly deep heel cup, and are made with the same long-lasting materials as other pairs of Birkenstocks. If you prefer colorful sandals that still offer the adjustability and comfort of other Birkenstocks, these may be a good fit for you.

These sandals are made with the same strong materials as the classic Birkenstock two buckle sandals, but the straps are dyed in a unique shade. The buckles allow for adjustability, so they can be altered to fit as well as possible.

The soft suede of the footbed is intended to remain comfortable throughout wear. If you like the unique appearance of these shoes and want a high quality pair of sandals, these may be worth a try.

These sandals have a similar look to the classic Birkenstock two buckle sandals, but they have an extra third strap. They’re made with the same quality leather and cork material as some other Birkenstocks, but with an extra strap for the arch of your foot.

The additional buckle strap is great for ensuring that they won’t slip off while wearing them, and you can adjust them to fit properly. The suede footbed is great for comfort. If you prefer shoes and sandals that don’t have much room to slip off, these can be a good choice.

The Granada sandals have a similar look to other Birkenstocks, but they have an interesting twist. The buckle straps feature a unique laser cut design that’s different from similar sandals. The build of the shoe reflects other Birkenstocks, though, including the classic contour shape for support and weight distribution.

The straps are made with long lasting acrylic felt fibers. They can be adjusted for better fit, and the EVA soles allow for flexibility.

If you like the design of these sandals and want a comfortable pair of sandals, these may be a good option.

These are another pair of sandals that appears similar to other Birkenstocks, but with a special detail. These feature two buckle straps with a curving middle strap, and the classic tan cork of typical Birkenstocks.

The additional strap makes the shoes easier to adjust to fit well, and can help create a better grip. Those with high arches may benefit from the additional strap. If you’re looking for easily adjustable shoes that won’t slip off, these can be a smart choice for you.