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If you suffer from fallen arches, foot pain, or issues with the foot, it’s high time you try out a nice pair of cork clogs. Even if you don’t have any problems with your foot, cork clogs are still great and will give your feet the support and comfort it deserves.

In this list is six of the best cork clogs in 2019 that can be worn by both men and women. The soles in these clogs are made of genuine cork so your feet can get the full benefits of wearing cork clogs.

The Benefits of Wearing Cork Clogs

Most of us would associate the word “cork” to wine bottle stoppers, bulletin boards, or to the Irish, a county. But corks are more than just those things — they can be used in footbeds too. Form-fitting and lightweight, cork is responsible for giving footwear that “bounce” when walking due to its elasticity.

If you haven’t worn cork clogs or shoes before, it’s high time you start wearing one a pair, and below are the reasons why.

They’re form-fitting

Cork is a naturally soft material that is densely compacted for use in footbeds. When worn regular, cork insoles will mold themselves to the foot of the wearer, thus creating a custom fit that conforms to natural shape of the foot, and will eventually provide comfort to the highest level. And yet despite this unique characteristic, the cork will stay firm even when used long term, as opposed to rubber or other materials used as insoles. This, in turn, helps improve foot alignment and maintain the proper arch of the foot.

They resist impact

If you are a type of person who loves to be on your feet for long periods, cork clogs will provide you with relief. Due to its natural elasticity, cork can resist the force of impact that’s usually transferred to your knees, shins, and all the way down to your ankles, therefore, reducing the stress commonly acquired by the joints. This is a type of material that will hold the foot correctly in an orthopedic position and along with its ability to absorb shock, wearing cork clogs can potentially alleviate foot pain and reduce the risk of plantar fasciitis. This is the reason why cork shoes are often recommended by medical supply companies or shoe manufacturers as orthotics.

They help reduce odor

Cork is also a moisture-wicking material. We all know that bacteria thrives on moist or damp areas, which the feet are prone to because of sweat. If you have cork insoles, however, the buildup of moisture is lessened, preventing bacteria from developing. The result is a shoe that’s relatively without odor even when worn for extended periods.

They’re a renewable material

Cork is sourced from cork trees, which are harvested after 25 years and about 13 years after the first harvest. It forms just under the upper bark layer and can only be harvest between the months of May and August in order to allow the tree to continuously produce this material. Cork is recyclable, which means it can be used in other things including in insulation and flooring.

Best Cork Clogs 2019

The Haflinger classic clogs are all natural, unisex clogs that offer comfort and warmth. They are made with all natural wool felt upper that’s designed with a visually appealing ribbon, which not only women can make use of but men as well. These clogs feature materials like wool, latex, and cork to support the arch as it molds to your foot offering the ideal fit and comfort like no other.

The rubber traction sole is lightweight and durable, offering a secure grip in many kinds of surfaces, making these clogs wearable wherever you want to go. The GZ65 can be worn rain or shine, making it the ideal year-round cork clogs.

Birkenstock shoes have been in existent since 1774, and if you’re wondering why just check out their footbeds. These shoes have made a mark in history for the comfort it provides, especially when you’ve been wearing a pair for quite a long. The longer you wear them, the more it conforms to the shape of your feet, thus offering comfort at its best.

This Boston Suede model is one of the most loved styles since it was introduced in the market because it’s clunky yet homely, and though not very stylish, is a very practical choice if you want extreme comfort in your clogs. Like its other Birkenstock siblings, the footbed of the Boston is made with leather covered cork, which may require some breaking if you want to achieve maximum comfort.

The Arizona is one classic cork. A blend of cork and leather, these materials are enough to make your feet happy, thanks to the original Birkenstock design. Like all Birkenstocks, the shoe molds to your feet the longer you use it. The footbed allows body weight to be evenly distributed over your entire foot, which is why this pair is very comfortable to wear.

Many people admire its neutral brown color because it easily matches with any outfit. The sole features a toe grip, naturally designed arch support, side rim support, a molded heel cup to support balance, and metatarsal support. With these features, the Arizona clogs make an extremely supportive shoe.

4. Stegmann Wool Felt Clog

Classic Wool Felt Clogs

The original wool felt clog is Stegmann’s most popular clogs for men. These are hand-felted using traditional and propriety felting techniques in order to create a seamless and smooth single-piece upper. The wool used in this model is dyed using the company’s secret blend of wools in order to achieve a shade specific only to the brand.

The Stegmann wool felt clog is made with the finest merino wools from South America and New Zealand, along with locally sourced wools in Austria and other European regions.

The JnJ leatherette clogs are for people who don’t want to wear leather but enjoy how it looks. This unique pair features a footbed baked from herbal cork and rubber. The leather-like material in these clogs is high quality and versatile, perfect for any weather or occasion. Its suede-leather-based sole is moisture wicking, eliminating the build-up of sweat to prevent odor.

The ergonomic footbed used in this model makes walking easier and less tiring and helps in the prevention of foot pain and back pain.

Stegmann’s Graz clogs have the classic Stegmann look the brand is popular for. Its cork-latex footbed is anatomically shaped and features a traction of EVA sole for extreme comfort and support. The longer you wear the Graz, the more it conforms to the shape of your foot, from the toes, arch, and all the way to the heel. This model is easily a favorite among many physical therapists and podiatrists and its stylish design is an added bonus.